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I'm Sofia—a designer, artist, and scientist of diverse interests; all of which center around the human condition and experience. Some of my areas of interest include UX/UI design, graphic design, product design, and interactive art installation. In 2022, I graduated with a B.S. from the Creative Design and Technology (CTD) program in the school of Engineering at CU Boulder. I am now a masters student in the Human-Centered Design (HCD) program at Cornell, where I conduct research on using vision boards / mood boards to visualize concepts and to  improve wellbeing. Before pursuing my interests in design and technology, I spent my time drawing, painting, and studying film. With the skills and knowledge I have acquired in the CTD and HCD programs, I aim to imagine, design, and materialize things that combine creative and technical mediums and ideas. As a Hispanic woman with a background in STEM, I am grateful to be a GEM fellow; an amazing opportunity that allowed me to receive graduate education, and to be a Design / Research intern at Adobe for the past two years (2022, 2023), where I prototyped new features for Adobe After Effects, and designed an AI-based motion graphics feature
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