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"Growing Up In Berthoud" comic

draft sketch

"Growing Up In Berthoud" is a comic about my awkward memories from childhood, and my odd experiences from living in a small town. The comic was inspired by “Mortified Nation” ー a show where adults present their most embarrassing childhood stories and stories. Oftentimes, these stories are presented on stage, with a projector behind the speaker showing real photos of them and their diaries. Similarly, the goal of "Growing Up In Berthoud" is to bring these cringe-worthy stories to life using real artifacts from the stories, in hopes that readers/viewer will relate, or at least get a laugh. This comic is an extension of a larger project entitled "Small Towns," a broad exploration of my upbringing in Berthoud through a variety of mediums including photography, graphic design and a podcast.
The comic panels were sketched on paper, and were then transferred into a digital format using the “Procreate” app. These drawings were combined with pictures of the artifacts from the story, including photos of the story's characters and the objects discussed. These "artifacts" were crucial to the vision of the project, as they make the story more believable and more vulnerable.  
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