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Interactive NeoPixel T-Shirt

In “Object”, an Arduino-based course led by Daniel Leithinger, my final project group and I created a programmable LED t-shirt. Our goal was to create a versatile shirt to be worn on various holidays and occasions, changing its design with the click of a remote. To create the shirt, we developed nine designs in an excel spreadsheet and programmed the coordinates of each pixel within the LED NeoPixel board. These designs were downloaded to the Arduino, which was then embedded in the T-Shirt with a remote receiver and a battery. My primary responsibilities were programming LED designs, sewing and designing the enclosure, and product testing.

Group Members:

Sofia Ozambela, Mallory Benna, Katherine Monsef (demo video editor)

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 1.00.03 PM.png

Demo Video Edit by Katherine Monsef

Process + Documentation

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