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sound visualization

"pretty gud" by nathan mix

This sound visualization video is a collaboration with Nathan Mix, an up-and-coming DJ and producer who created the EDM track "Pretty Gud". The visualization was influenced by the "After Hours" aesthetic - an aesthetic trend that consists of neon signs, urban landscapes, city lights, and run-down spaces. The artistic assets (some are seen in the slider above) were generated in Illustrator, and the sound wave visualizer was made in After Effects. The sound wave animations were created by navigating  around the soundwaves in 3D space using virtual cameras. The video integrates the sound visualizer with drawn assets, photos, and pre-recorded videos. Color-editing and distortion filters were used to smoothly blend the multimedia assets together. Lastly, keyframes syncopated animations with the amplitude of the sound file, allowing the music to control the visuals. 

process photos

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